City-state of Summersedge

Summersedge, also known as the City of Summer or the Crown of the South is the largest and most influential city in the south, and perhaps even the world. The road to Summersedge is well paved and always patrolled and said by some to be lined with gold, though this is of course false. The city is a hub of trading from the mineral-rich lands to the north, the city-states to the east, the Sea-Kingdoms of the Western Sea and even the nomadic tribes of the south.

NASAGAN’S NOTES: Summersedge is named for its outstanding natural deep harbor that is constantly kept warm by dozens of hot springs, and the city that grew up at this site has become the commercial crossroads of the world. More than 100,000 people call Summersedge home, more than in all the cities of Berrani itself.
Men and other races come from all over Deiradh to earn or spend hard-coin in the City of Summer, and over the years a small collective of merchant guilds has risen to nobility and now rule the city under the secretive Lords of Summer.
The banner of Summersedge is used as often as possible, from the Watchtowers that surround the city, to a stamp on every shipment that arrives or leaves the harbor, to minted coinage. It is a deep red sun bordered in a dark starry night; on the sun is a a silver scale.
Summersedge is ruled by a council whose membership is largely secret. It is a known fact that De’Vinter “the Coinson,” “Warden of Summer,” whose golden-spired palace dominates the center of the city, is a member of the Lords. There are numerous other generally believed to be Lords across the city, mostly from one Guild or another. The names and identities of the members of the Lords of Summer are not made public knowledge. The subjects of who the Lords are is a common conversation among the people, and some consider it a game to discover whom the Lords are, a game made more confusing by the fact the Lords themselves set their own rumors afloat.

Metropolis, 107,920 people; 130,000 gold; Ruled by Lords of Summer; Coin: accepts all, but only Summer Coin gets preferential acceptance; Languages: Amn and Berranian; Alignment: Lawful Evil Places of Note: The Great Library of Arcanum, the Summer Harbor, Enclave of Merchants.


City-state of Summersedge

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